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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it usually take before a project is started?

  1. You pick out a template - Template Shop - Dream Template - Boxed Art
  2. We establish your needs and concerns
  3. A statement of understanding is approved by both parties
  4. You make an initial payment
  5. Development begins and your site is completed usually within two weeks
  6. Get started today! click here
Once the above steps have taken place and ftp server information is received, the project begins.
This can take anywhere from one day to one week depending on the size of the project.

Do you need ftp information in order to work on my site?

Yes, we do need ftp information, however, we do not need your ftp information. You need to create an ftp account for us to access your server or provide us with the hosting account information. If we are developing your site from start to finish, we do not need ftp information until we are ready to transfer the site to your domain. If we are doing contract work for you, then we will need ftp information before development begins.

Do I need a domain?

To host your own site, you will need a domain. Domains come in all shapes and sizes so consult with us for more specifics on what type of hosting will be best for your type of site. You can find a list of top hosting sites by doing a simple search in Google.

We recommend Bluehost.

How are payments made after a project has been established?

Payments are made after a project has been initiated. Once a contract has been created, you will be given access to our proprietary Project Scheduler where you can make payments and view the status of your current project. More information is available to current clients, therefore please contact us to become a client.

Why should I return to the site after completing payment with Paypal?

Returning to the site will ensure the completion of your payment.

What should I bring to the table when discussing a project?

You should bring all your ideas and content. In short, we will take your vision and ideas and translate them to reality on the world wide web. Everyone will have the ability to view your ideas so it is beneficial for you to have a clear picture of how you want your image and site to be portrayed to your audience. You can also consult with us to make the most effective site based on your needs. Designing a quality site that represents you and your company is an involved process that is very rewarding in the end.

Technical Support

We are here to support you! Please consider purchasing our affordable monthly maintenance package.

We value your business and want to remain accessible so you can deliver to your audience in the most effective way.

Customer Support

We value your project and offer support to ensure it operates smoothly. We have taken measures to make sure we are accessible around the clock that you will learn more about as a client.